[Mplayer-users] sami(smi) + two-byte subtitle patch

Sunjin Yang lethean at realtime.ssu.ac.kr
Fri May 4 10:05:58 CEST 2001


I'm a korean user of mplayer... which will be the best player in the
world...:) but, now it doesn't support fully sami(smi) subtitle format
widely used in my country.

So, I write a coarse patch for MPlayer-IdegCounter version. This patch
enables mplayer to detect '.smi' extension, load smi subtitles,
and can display two-byte characters. It's available at


and, there are some korean fonts to view korean subtitles in mplayer,
utilities for me to create fonts for korean characters,
and HSI RAW plugin for the Gimp.


Thanks developers for this cool job...


Make your life extraordinary & Carpediem... :)

Sunjin Yang
lethean at realtime.ssu.ac.kr

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