[MPlayer-users] libdvdnav config option

Sipos Ferenc sferi at dumballah.tvnet.hu
Wed Apr 24 21:03:28 CEST 2002


I know, libdvdnav is experimental, but I'm unable to compile mplayer
with libdvdnav. I've obtained the sources from cvs. If I compile
libdvdnav and make install it, it copies himself into /usr/local/lib/
and the header files into /usr/local/include/dvdnav/. Configuring
mplayer with the option with-libdvdnav=/usr/local/include/dvdnav/ or
with-libdvdnav=/home/user/libdvdnav/src/ (only this two options enables
libdvdnav support, libdvdnav is untarred into /home/user/) the
compilation ends with the error: couldn't find config.h file, which is
in /home/user/libdvdnav/, but as I've mentioned, if I give this dir
during configuration, libdvdnav isn't enabled. So, please help me. Thx.


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