[MPlayer-users] compiling problems & more

Chris Phillips chris at cakenet.dynu.com
Sat Apr 27 17:27:20 CEST 2002

> > I've installed GTK2 (2.0.1) from the RPM obtained from GTK's ftp 
> > site.  Yet, when I run "./configure --enable-gui" it gives me the error 
> > "Error: the GUI requires GTK (which was not found)".  What's up?  I 
> > can run "rpm -q -a |grep gtk" and can see that GTK2 is there.  I've 
> > installed the latest version of all the dependencies (atk, pango, pkg-
> > config, glib).  When I compile without gui, it seems to work okay.  
> > However, the make dies at some point in the middle...just sends me 
> > back to a prompt.  Has anyone ever had this prob?  I'm running 
> > RH7.2.
> You probably need gtk2-dev (or something like that) and not only gtk2.

well gtk2 uses pkgconfig instead of the old stlye gtk-config, so surely it 
means that the current ./configure script will only check for gtk using 
gtrk-config, not the new system. I'd also guess that the gui wouldn't 
have been ported to gtk2 yet either?


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