[MPlayer-users] undefinded symbol "XineramaIsActive"

Christian Goldstein Whisper at gmx.net
Wed Nov 6 10:37:01 CET 2002

> Please, we need *complete* bugreport, especially system info in this case.
> Some people are reporting the same error, but we need more info.

Woah, glad to hear I'm not the only one having that problem.

Maybe my system stats can be of some help. I have a 1800+ Athlon with 512 MB 
DDR-RAM and a GeForce4 4200, so I do belong to the nvidia community; my 
distribution is Mandrake 9.0 (newest version).

About the bugreport: like I said, I`m more or less new to Linux, so I'll need 
someone to tell me what you need and how I can collect it.... Just mail me 
directly, since I dont think the mailing list is interested in that. However, 
if you think its too much work, then don't do it - I'm just saying I would be 
willing to help.

By the way, whats up with that nvidia-binary-thing?

                             - Christian

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