[MPlayer-users] Ripping dvd w/ 2-langs & 2-subs ?

Robert R. Wal rrw at hell.pl
Fri Nov 8 23:28:02 CET 2002

On 02.11.08 gabor pressed the following keys:

> > - mplayer and xine can play it as well as any decent windows player
> >   (provided you installed OggDS filters available on the net); for
> >   windows I would recommend bsplayer;
> what version of xine are u using? i have xine0.9.13 here and it's far
> from perfect... 

Thing is I'm not using any version.

One day I did apt-get install xine-lib xine-ui plus some neede stuff.
I started xine, played some media files, decided that it breaks and
segfaults even more than mplayer at that time (it was some time ago) and
I haven't touched it ever since.

(rpm -e solves every software problem ;)

One thing I remember is that it played OGM files, although I don't
remember if it allowed to use alternative audio, subtitles and the rest.


Bastard Operator From

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