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One major problem, however, is that article fails to finish the job and
explicitly mention WHICH startup files to edit, so it's really only good for
testing and won't help any user with automating the process. It only gives
hints, and I hate articles that only do that.

The files are in /etc/sysconfig. You should copy "harddisks" to
"harddiskhda", "harddiskhdb" etc, and edit each one appropriately. It's a
good idea not to edit the harddisks file itself.

Then in lilo.conf you should add "append ide0=dma ide1=dma" and rerun lilo,
then reboot (if you want DMA enabled at boot up).
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[Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> use-dma (d1),

ALWAYS use it!

> multiple-io (m),
> unmask-irq (u),
> udma2 (d,X66)..

you can open up a second console ant use /tail -f /var/log/messages .
that gives you an updated output of these and tells you when a setting
is to high immediately. now it is rather safe to play around with the
switches. as a rule of thumb i would suggest to rise every value as far
as you can, since it speeds up performance by lowering cpu-usage.

and of course use it for harddrives!!!
...and with cdroms of course there is no way to harm your data ;)

there are quite some usefull tutorials on hdparm if you have a look over
at google. don't you use it? heres one i didn't fully read but the
source is usually a good one...

have fun!


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