[MPlayer-users] Possible bug in frame buffer support..

Mike Nix mnix at wanm.com.au
Wed Nov 27 03:06:02 CET 2002

I get this same thing with the NVidia driver on my asus V3800 TNT2 video 

The video overlay is left on and keeps coming back - the only way to 
clear it is to power down for about 5-10 secs.

once this is happening, mplayer can't play any video, and using xawtv 
(ie tv in with video overlay mode) locks the system, and the overlay is 
present in text mode after exiting X. It goes away on a soft reboot, but 
re-appears when X starts up.

After a power down, everything works fine.

My guess was an NVidia driver problem, but I do have framebuffer turned 
on in the kernel - although I don't actually use framebuffer mode at the 
text console.
Looking at my 2.4.19 kernel it has an NVidia Riva support option which 
is NOT enabled - I will turn this on and see if things improve...


Giulio Chiappini wrote:
> [Automatic answer: RTFM (read DOCS, FAQ), also read DOCS/bugreports.html]
> Hello list , this is my sistem:
> i've a Debian 3.0 upgraded with the unstable packages
> my kernel version is 2.4.19
> i've the libc library version 6
> XFree86 Version
> my Gnu C Compiler version is 2.95.4
> my ld version is
> my binutils version is i've both the gtk2 and gtk1.2 installed
> my hardware configuration is:
> CPU: Pentium II (Klamath) at 233 Mhz
> Mainboard: ABIT-BE6 with BIOS Revition BE6-TH
> Video card: Graphic Blaster TNT2 Ultra with 32 MB on-board ram
> The video driver is Nvidia 1.0-3123 with the glx extension
> My soundcard is a SB-AWE32 with 2 mb of awe-synth ram bank on-board
> I *think* (i have really no knowledge of coding , so i'm gonna think of 
> something that maybe isn't..)
> that there's a bug with the Framebuffer support:
> When i play a video file (i tried with pure-avi , divx-avi and vcd-mpg) 
> everything's fine.. when i quit the player , and i switch in console 
> mode (both with the ctrl+alt+F* hot-keys combination and quitting the 
> window manager) , there's a "footprint" of the last-played frame of the 
> file i've just closed.
> i Guess is a framebuffer problem because it doesn't disappear even if i 
> reboot , so i really think that the framebuffer keeps that image (until 
> poweroff). Of course , i worked around the problem disabling the fbdev 
> support (which isn't so useful if Xv support is available..) while 
> compiling MPlayer and while compiling the kernel (same version).
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