[MPlayer-users] record from TV ( v4l ) with sound

Emmanuel Anne emanne at absysteme.fr
Tue Oct 22 17:01:01 CEST 2002

On Tue, 22 Oct 2002, Jindrich Makovicka wrote:

> Can you describe your machine (CPU, memory, CPU load during capturing)? 
> What error messages do you get when D/B/S increases? Mencoder should 
> either report bogus intervals (which means the frame was lost at the v4l 
> side) or buffer overflow (which means that encoder cannot process frames 
> fast enough).

Thanks for your fast answer...
Well the machine should be fast enough : a 1Ghz pentium 3 with 128 Mb of
ram. After 2 minutes of recording this way, the load average is 0.59.

But I didn't see any error message... I don't know, maybe I should try
to increase the verbose level ?!!

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