[MPlayer-users] Removing commercials etc from DVB .mpg program stream

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Thu Jun 3 10:56:24 CEST 2004

Kimmo Mustonen wrote:

>I though that there should be several working solutions to this problem
>but I haven't found any yet. :( I have recorded DVB stream that starts
>before the actual program starts, ends 10-15 minutes after the program
>ends and the programs may contain commercials. How to remove the
>commercials without losing (any?) quality first and then re-encode the
>program to fit a certain size, like a CD or whatever. For re-encoding I
>googled a shell script called encodedvd.sh doing a two-pass encoding,
>edited that to read a file instead of a DVD, but it crashed mencoder
>before completing the whole thing. I can provide more details on this
>later when I have first been able to cut the original stream.

you can dump the stream with dvbstream  using -ps (to save as program 
stream)  then
cut all you don't want using GOPchop,
or you can save as TS with (mplayer -dumpstream) and use lve (which can 
read TS);
only problem: lve seems quite difficult to use; last time I used it it 
reminded me those funny windows programs that
have so many buttons, sliders and menus with all but the most useful 
features (such as cut, copy, paste, save as)
that I ended up quitting the program without any real work done

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