[MPlayer-users] configuration of the fullscreen

gaulon at eurospace.de gaulon at eurospace.de
Fri Jun 4 08:20:22 CEST 2004

Hi All, 
I have a graphic card without TV-Out (800x600) and a LCD (1280x1024). The twinview is configured to clone the both 
displays, but of on TV, I have of course only the left top corner of the LCD image. The mplayer fullscreen 
function extends the movie on the LCD size, not really what i need! 
Is there any way to limit the fullscreen size to the TV resolution for mplayer or better gmplayer? 
For the moment, i am using this command (here for a 576x320 movie): 
mplayer -geometry 0:0 -zoom -x 800 -y 600 -vf expand=0:-112 file 
1. I have to calculate the size of the black strips (width x 0.75 - height) 
2. Because geometry doesn't accept negativ inputs, i still have to move the output window 
Do you have any idea to solve this 2 points with mplayer options? 
gmplayer doesn't accept -x and -y, what can I do? 
Thanks a lot, 
Julien (a new mailing list user)

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