[MPlayer-users] Problem with sound level

Fabio S. fast at ferrara.linux.it
Wed Jun 9 09:28:19 CEST 2004

> > when i watch tv using mplayer all is fine but when i record tv with
> > mencoder the sound is too high and saturated. I don't want to modify
> > audio mixer each time i need to record tv. Is ther a solution ?
> > Thanks
> > Eric
> Adjust the "Capture" audio device.  It will not affect your live-viewing
> audio-level, only the level when you are capturing.

I had the same problem but the solution was not to tune the "capture"
level: I had to tune the "igain" level.
The tools are the standard ones: xmixer, alsamixer, aumix, kmix....
any kind of mixer...
If I got it right, with the "igain" you just tune the "quality" of
captured audio. Then adjusting the value of the capturing device (it is
the one which is marked in red in the utilities, usually "line in") one
controls the volume of captured audio.

I say it once more: it is _really_ worth adding something like this in the
faqs and in the "tv" section of the docs...


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