[MPlayer-users] Increasing brightness via config

Rob Prowel tempest766 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 11 04:59:06 CEST 2004

>I switched my TV-Out display to an older 32" TV, and
its display is
>rather dark even with the TV's brightness control set
to its highest
>level.  MPlayer compensates for this if I increase
its brightness by
>hitting the '4' key a few times.  I've tried to put
this in my ~/.
>mplayer/config by adding 'brightness=15', but it
doesn't seem to apply
>this until I press 3 or 4 to adjust the brightness
manually which it
>then adjusts relative to what I have set in the
config.  Does anyone
>know of a workaround to make it apply this setting
initially, for
>everything I play?

I've submitted TWO bug reports about this exact
problem in two different versions of mplayer and none
of the developers even acknowledged my report.  It
worked once upon a time but became broken sometime in

mplayer no longer recognizes -brightness or -contrast
command line options until a menu key is explicitely

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