[MPlayer-users] Feature Request: Playing audio from .cue files

Ville Vainio vivainio at kolumbus.fi
Sat Jun 12 22:48:15 CEST 2004

Occasionally one may have a full album as one big .ogg file, and the 
associated .cue file with the song names and start positions. It's not 
always optimal to split the ogg to little oggs according to the cue 
file, but rather preserve the format and just play the ogg as-is. It 
would just be nice to be able to skip to the next song in the ogg with 
normal navigation keys (<, >), and see the song name.

The Linux media players I tried don't seem to be able to handle this. 
Foobar2000 on Wintendo can handle it, so it might seem like a sensible 
feature for mplayer too. If the implementation wouldn't contradict a lot 
of stuff already in current implementation, that is.

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