[MPlayer-users] fix for mplayer input bugs: shooting

Stephen Stocker lpar at par1.net
Wed Jun 30 14:58:36 CEST 2004

>This patch fixes two problems in mplayer input key system:
>1. shooting to stack when only partial data are read from pipe (note that
>when adding number to pointer, the number is multiplied by size of pointer
>2. delayed events on svgalib:
>The problem is caused by getch2, getch2 does buffering of handle 0,
>however getch2 is called only when handle 0 is reported as readable by
>It manifests like this:
>- User holds key so that key repeat rate is higher than frame rate
>        (key presses are put into buffer in getch2)
>- User releases key
>        (handle 0 is no longer reported as readable, however there are
>         still charactes in getch2 buffer, but getch2 is not called
>         anymore)
>- User presses another key --- few keypresses of previous key are still
>        (getch2 is called and previous content of getch2 buffer is
>         processed)

  Thanks! I wondered what caused that, but it never was a big enough
  problem to ask about.

  I've updated my CVS and applied your patch, so I'll be checking it
  out. The biggest problem seemed to occur when I'd hold down left arrow
  to back up to the beginning of a video clip. Then I'd hit a key to
  turn on OSD or something and end up rewinding again. :)

  	Take care,

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