[MPlayer-users] Cannot seek backwards on large VOB file, ideas?

Sara Glade saraglade at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 5 19:42:53 CET 2007

> I basically have a VOB file that was joined, 4+ GB on one file.  It
> plays fine simply using
> > mplayer videoof.vob
> However, when I try seeking backwards it generates the error I
> mentioned.  I've read around these newsgroup parts that this may be
> due to the fact I've lost the index?  I've read about rebuilding a
> playlist is the key to fixing it, but I may be wrong and have no
> idea where to start with that.  Any clues? :-)  What would be good
> way to run that VOB so I can potentially be able to seek backwards?
>  Have fun day, best-Sara

>> you are probably using mp3lib as audio decoder; better append 
>> -ac mad,ffmp2, to your command line.
>> And for void's sake learn how to reply to mails

*I'm sorry*, (embarrassed) someone told me not to top post, so I was then bottom posting.  LOL

..... so back to the heart of the matter >>

> -ac mad,ffmp2

Does not work!  Anyone else know how to remedy the inability to seek backward on large VOB files?

Have a very nice day and thank you in advance. :)

Sincerely, Sara

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