[MPlayer-users] How to cyclic switch Audio with LIRC ?

Sasza warpme at o2.pl
Sun Sep 9 14:51:20 CEST 2007

Hi *

I have problem witch configuring LIRC to cycle switching DVD audio tracks.

I put following statement into LIRCRC file:

   prog = mythtv
   button = audio
   config = #

Pressing "#" key on keyb switches audio, but pressing audio key on 
remote doesn't. Remote is working OK - I tested audio key with other 
mplayer command.
I think it is problem of "#" char - which is interpreted by LIRCD as 
comment sign - not char to be passed to mplayer.
How can I then configure LIRC to pass "#" key to mplayer ?

thx in advance for help

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