[MPlayer-users] is there any command-line parameters size limit ?

actr.d liste at karzarar.com
Tue Sep 2 22:11:19 CEST 2008


Is there any size limitation in MPlayer  command-line parameters ?

I excute this process in another aplication (via CreateProcess api)
example: in windows xp

c:\rootpath\media\mplayer.exe -slave -nofs -nomouse-movements -nokeepaspect -identify -dr -nocache -nosound -nodouble -noslices -noautosub -noconsolecontrols -quiet -really-quiet -wid 2426086 -colorkey 0x101010 -msglevel all=-1 -framedrop -priority abovenormal 

{ { "c:\rootpath\media\MOB001.avi" } { "c:\rootpath\media\MOB002.avi" } { "c:\rootpath\media\MOB003.avi" } } ... continue ...MOB200+

nearly 200 avi files in command line at one process.

or any other suggestion for this kind of situation ?

Thanks in advance.

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