[MPlayer-users] How to run RealPlayer files in Linux

Charles Philip Chan cpchan at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 19 16:07:48 CEST 2009

Reyada Wolak <reyada.wolak at gmail.com> writes:

> Actually I'm using mplayer codecs and not RealPlayer. 

Yes, I know. I just wasn't too sure whether Mandriva did something weird
to win32 codecs (since I have no problem playing the file), so I think
you might want to try the pristine version.

> I installed RealPlayer and copy the codecs to this path
> /usr/lib/RealPlayer10GOLD/codecs and it works without those missing
> messages. I think Mandriva team changed this Path manually in their
> distribution.

They did something more. Like I said I can play the file with the stock
win32 codecs. I don't need to install any codecs from Realplayer Gold.

>> Sorry, I don't have pulseaudio (IMHO, it is the biggest pile of crap)
>> installed. You will have to wait for some one who uses pulse. Have your
>> tried "-ao alsa" and "-ao oss"?
>  i tried it without successful.

I suggest just turn off pulseaudio. Did you follow this link:


posted by Krzysztof Duchnowski? According to one of the post, this is
how to turn it off in Mandriva:

| Just go into MCC, sounds & untick the pulse audio box. That's what I had
| to do to Skype working correctly. By switch off Pulse Audio my sound
| system still works perfectly with out the hassle.


I've run DOOM more in the last few days than I have the last few
months.  I just love debugging ;-)
(Linus Torvalds)
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