[MPlayer-users] switch_audio on *.ts files

RVM rvm3000 at ya.com
Thu Jun 18 03:59:08 CEST 2009

Tested with MPlayer SVN-r29355.

I've got a ts file with two audio tracks, reported this way by mplayer:


If I try to change the audio track with the switch_audio command, using the ID 
as parameter (1402 or 1403), it doesn't work, the audio doesn't change. I have 
to use instead the numbers 0 and 1 (0 selects the first audio track, 1 the 

But wouldn't be the correct to use the ID number?

I think to remember that at least for DVDs the ID was required.

This is what http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/tech/slave.txt says about it:

switch_audio [value] (currently MPEG*, AVI, Matroska and streams handled by 
    Switch to the audio track with the ID [value]. Cycle through the
    available tracks if [value] is omitted or negative.

BTW, there's another problem. Initially mplayer reports this:


But some lines below says this:


which is wrong.

Full log attached (and compressed, it's huge). BTW, is it necessary that those 
ID_VIDEO_ID and ID_AUDIO_ID lines appear so many times?

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