[MPlayer-users] embedding MPlayer into a window in MacOS

Marcel Meyer meyerm at fs.tum.de
Tue Jun 23 10:31:21 CEST 2009

Hi cbreak,

Am Sonntag, 14. Juni 2009 schrieb cbreak:
> On 12.06.2009, at 13:28, Marcel Meyer wrote:
> > currently I'm using the -wid option to embed the mplayer-output into a
> > widget of my Qt-based application. That works with Linux/X11 and with
> > Windows. Now I'm searching for a similar mechanism for MacOS.
> Check out -vo corevideo's shared memory output. Mplayer OS X uses it.
> You can look at the sources of it on http://mplayerosx.sttz.ch/ The
> idea is to display the memory buffer with core video or an open gl
> texture yourself.

thank you for pointing that out. Looks a lot more complicated than just 
using wid. Well, seems like I have to learn basic Objective-C. I hope, I 
can come back to you/the list after I gave up ;-)

I was away for the last week and had no internet, sorry for answering that 


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