[MPlayer-users] mecoder muxing confuses avinfo and my standalone

Bernd Butscheidt bbutscheidt at yahoo.de
Fri Jun 26 13:05:19 CEST 2009

Hi there,

I convert e.g. my TV recordings to avi using mencoder.

But If I don't remux the results using avidemux, my stand alone (elta 8843) gets confused, he cannot fast forward or rewind through the file or isn't able to jump to a manually added time stamp.

Remuxing the file with avidemux solves all these problems.

The only hint I get in linux so far about the different results is the output of the tool avinfo (from  http://shounen.ru/soft/avinfo/english.shtml). Here is an example I've made:

bernd_b at localhost $ avinfo Gaya_remux.avi
Gaya_remux.avi, 1.3Gb
video: 720x576 01:28:43 25fps XviD 1.4Mbps
audio: 48KHz  01:28:43 Stereo 189Kbps P

bernd_b at localhost $ avinfo Gaya.avi
Gaya.avi, 1.3Gb
video: 720x576 01:28:43 25fps XviD 1.9Mbps
audio: 48KHz  01:28:43 Stereo 256Kbps P

Gaya.avi is the file muxed with avidemux, Gaya_remux.avi is the file remuxed with mencoder (using "mencoder -oac copy -ovc copy Gaya.avi -o Gaya_remux.avi").

Due to the lenght of the movie, the file size and the audio bitrate the infos of the file muxed by avidemux (Gaya.avi) are reasonable, the infos of the file muxed by mencoder (Gaya_remux.avi) seem to be wrong. 
The "view info and properties" button in smplayer confirms the data given by avinfo and Gaya.avi on both files.

Is this some kind of bug in mencoder or do I miss a switch/ command line option?

Kind regards


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