[MPlayer-users] Does MPlayer support .MEV files?

Krzysztof Duchnowski amidk75 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 6 18:13:13 CEST 2010

On 06.08.2010 14:22, Phillip Pi wrote:

> Ah, there is a player (The DaVinci Code.exe)! I disabled AutoRun and 
> AutoPlay for security reasons in Windows. I ran this file and it told me 
> the file is corrupted? What the frak?

Yes. I've seen this at Google search too.

> I looked at Autorun.inf and couldn't figure how it works. It runs 
> winlogon.exe? I copied and pasted it into http://pastie.org/1079444 ...

Whoa... what a garbage. It's useles...

> Stupid Sony! It looks like this movie is useless then if I can't even 
> play it on anywhere.
> It is a bummer that no one has cracked this DRM yet. Oh well. :(

I'am not 100% sure but it seems that only thing you can do is to format
the drive.

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