[MPlayer-users] mencoder issue with different frame rate

Alexander Roalter alex at roalter.it
Mon Aug 16 01:22:08 CEST 2010

when I encode a video to a different frame rate using -ofps 24 and with
x264, on some (but not all) videos I get the following error at the end
of the 2nd pass:

Skipping frame!
Pos:8373.2s 250958f (99%) 88.74fps Trem:   0min 664mb  A-V:0.037 [600:61]

Skipping frame!
Pos:8373.4s 250963f (99%) 88.74fps Trem:   0min 664mb  A-V:0.042 [600:61]

Skipping frame!
Pos:8373.6s 250968f (100%) 88.74fps Trem:   0min 664mb  A-V:0.053 [600:61]

Flushing video frames.
x264 [error]: 2nd pass has more frames than 1st pass (200973)
x264 [error]: continuing anyway, at constant QP=21
x264 [error]: disabling adaptive B-frames
/usr/local/bin/videocmp: line 113: 15496 Segmentation fault
mencoder "$filename" -o "$output" -msglevel all=5 $video_codec_step2
$audio_codec $audio_filter $video_filter
Step 2 failed.

The complete command line for the first pass is

-ovc x264 -x264encopts
-ofps 24

for the 2nd pass:

-ovc x264 -x264encopts
-ofps 24

other than that, it's

-vf scale=384:288,dsize=384:288 -srate 44100

in addition.

I can encode these with some special settings in very high quality (no
limit in the bitrate) to an mpeg with the correct frame rate and redo
the normal encoding with the command line above, but when I do that
(original -> high-quality MPEG with 24fps -> 2pass, x264-AVI), the
resulting AVI has massive sync problems. If I specify audio-delay or
delay, it doesn't get observed, if I don't specify any, the AVI gets
200ms delay or so...


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