[MPlayer-users] mencoder compile fails

belcampo belcampo at zonnet.nl
Thu Aug 26 13:41:36 CEST 2010

Lobster wrote:
>> Le nonidi 9 fructidor, an CCXVIII, Lobster a écrit :
>>> Sorry about that, It was the default mode my mail client was working in,
>>> Have now reconfigured.
>> Thanks.
>>>> I wonder if it would not be better, from a communication point of 
>>>> view, to
>>>> make configure fail with a clear error message if a few key features.
>>> If anything configure should supply a decent warning, but there are
>>> times people don't want or need freetype or other
>>> dependencies.
>>> I myself couldn't care less about subtitles or osd, and most of the
>>> machines I use MPlayer on don't even have X or monitors attached.
>>> So just keep in mind, because you think not having some thing cripples
>>> MPlayer, it does not mean others feel the same way.
>> Of course. While I was testing configure, I forgot to add the end of my
>> sentence:
>> ... fail with a clear error message if a few key features... are disabled
>> due to autodetection.
>> My idea, without much thought, is to have some sort of --check-features
>> option, with a sane default value (xv,alsa,ass on Linux for example), 
>> and if
>> these features are disabled at the end of configure, configure fails.
>> (It is important that it fails, since it is difficult for automated 
>> scripts
>> to parse warnings.)
>> People who want to build MPlayer for unusual uses can just add
>> --check-features=fbdev,oss.
>> Anyway, that is just a thought in the spur of the moment.
> My personal opinion would be that if configure thinks "sane 
> dependencies" are not installed, It exits with a error code
> to say to any automated scripts some thing was wrong, and a nice big 
> message for real people to read rather than a
> complete failure.
> One of my biggest gripes with MPlayers configure is there is a big 
> message below the reports of what are enabled
> and disabled, so "joe bloggs" user may not even notice that part of 
> configure because it may just scroll out of the
> terminal. So any messages alerting people to the fact they dont have 
> "sane dependencies" would have to come
> after that.
Does "joe bloggs" user compile his/her own mplayer/mencoder version ?
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