[MPlayer-users] dvd playback with a lot more error messages

Alexander Roalter alex at roalter.it
Mon Feb 8 12:29:29 CET 2010

Reimar Döffinger wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 26, 2010 at 10:30:55PM +0100, alex at roalter.it wrote:
>>>> Ok. finally got to it.
>>>> 2009-12-30 (r30137) works fine, 2009-12-31 (r30145) has the beep in it.
>>>> You can notice it easily if you play a DVD and jump to the next (or
>>>> previous) chapter by '@' or '!'.
>>>> apart from libav* and libdvd*, which had nothing to do with it, I got it
>>>> down to
>>>> 30137 working
>>>> 30138 working
>>>> 30139 working
>>>> 30140 working
>>>> 30141 working
>>>> 30142 working
>>>> 30143 not working
>>>> 30144 not working
>>>> 30145 not working
>>>> The only change from 30142 to 30143 is etc/codecs.conf, and there are
>>>> some lines with a52 in them...
>>> Sorry for taking so long, at it is still a bit work in progress, but I
>>> believe
>>> it should now work much better with the latest version of FFmpeg.
>>> Reports welcome.
>> I'm currently on vacation and cannot do any testing in the time between,
>> but will do so once I'm back... perhaps someone else can confirm this (is
>> it possible that no one seeks in DVDs and hasn't notices this effect other
>> than me?)
> Well, people like me won't notice it unless they know what to listen for,
> at least for the majority of DVDs...
> And there's no hurry with testing, just remember to report it if you notice an
> issue.

Finally, I was able to test current SVN release, and the beeps are gone.


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