[MPlayer-users] Incorrect aspect ratio is computed?

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger at gmx.de
Thu Apr 14 22:48:34 CEST 2011

On 13 Apr 2011, at 17:32, Ron Johnson <ron.l.johnson at cox.net> wrote:
> [snip]
>    Stream #0.0(und): Video: h264, yuv420p, 720x480 [PAR 8:9 DAR 4:3], 2457 kb/s, PAR 64:81 DAR 32:27, 24.21 fps, 30k tbr, 90k tbn, 180k tbc

The file is somewhat broken, as you see it contains two different aspect values.
Some MPlayer versions had a bug where they chose the less optimal one.
Whether that in this specific case means the bug is fixed in current SVN or not I can't say.

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