[MPlayer-users] Using mplayer as a MPEG-TS cutter

Ptitboul Ptitboul ptitboul.ptitboul at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 10:02:32 CEST 2011


Bind a key to
> osd_show_property_text stream_pos

Wonderful! I did not find it in the documentation.
It works (when OSD is working). I don't understand why apparently no-one
proposed to use mplayer to find cutpoints in MPEG-TS files.

However, on one of my computers (running MacOSX on a Core2 Duo...) I have
trouble installing mplayer with OSD.
Is there a way to have "stream_pos" displayed on the standard output?

> > Another useful thing would be to add to mplayer the capability to advance
> > frame-by-frame, or from an I-frame to the next one.
> '.', and combine with -vf framestep=I

And is there also a technique to go backwards, frame-by-frame or from an
I-frame to the previous one?

Thanks again.

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