[MPlayer-users] Displaying a video inside another playing video.

Sebastian sinnloseadresse at yahoo.de
Tue Apr 26 18:21:58 CEST 2011

Thanks, but still no luck. Maybe because I dont run a WM at all? (its a freevo box)

There is no possibility to overlay the screen with another video, let say like xosd's osd_cat??

>I don't any problem with VDPAU.
>terminal 1
>$ mplayer -fs video1.mkv

>terminal 2
>$ mplayer -xy 0.25 video2.mp4
>video1.mkv is played in fullscreen, and the video2.mp4 at 1/4 of it's
>actual resolution. 
>BTW, I am using borderless Window Manager, the evilwm. :)

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