[MPlayer-users] streaming over http cache fill

mociml mociml at 163.com
Wed Jul 6 06:17:40 CEST 2011

hello everyone,
When I set mplayer in slave mode ,and set -cache=4096 ,-cache-min=10,play stream over http, mplayer fill cache ,and start to play ,it works fine! but when time lapse ,maybe network is slow,so cache is empty or left little! mplayer play stream faster than fill cache,at this time mplayer stucked and continue playing stream , stucked ,play ,stucked , play !so the whole stream is hard to view smoothly!
So I want to mplayer to do like this:  pause and wait for cache filled by 5% maybe and then continue to play by automatically ! 
How to do this ? I check the source code in Http.c ,but a little confused! how to change this in source code or other way to solve the problem!

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