[MPlayer-users] Flicker Black Bars on videos

X3fil xefil at xefil.com
Fri Aug 29 19:14:14 CEST 2014

Il 29/08/2014 18:03, Reimar Döffinger ha scritto:
> This is more complicated.
> The OSD is drawn using a completely different layer of the graphics
> hardware, so that it works is not surprising.
> I suspect the flickering is a bug/limitation of the libvdpau-sunxi when
> the output surface is larger than the (upscaled) video surface.
> Looking at the code it seems to do XClearWindow.
> I could imagine that the problem is that XBMC uses -wid, with the
> window being the one it does OpenGL drawing into?
> That would then mean that its OpenGL drawing will be fighting
> with that XClearWindow, with random results on who "wins"
> and is displayed.
> I see no really easy solution, though XBMC probably should stop
> drawing its UI when it won't be visible anyway, that certainly
> is a waste of CPU and GPU power!
> Or is it supposed to be visible? Then commenting out that XClearWindow
> might fix it.


No, it's not supposed to be visible. mplayer should gain the focus on 
the whole area. XBMC should come back only when mplayer stops to play 
the video.
Do you think then I need to investigate more on xbmc or on 
libvdpau-sunxi? I could ask there as well.



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