[MPlayer-users] Success! SSL Support (HTTPS) in mplayer

paipai v.tu paipaivtu at inbox.com
Thu Dec 18 00:21:06 CET 2014

Two messages on the command line:

"Warning unknown option fm at line 4"
(not streaming-related?)


"Using network protocols without global network initialization. Please use avformat_network_init(), this will become mandatory later."


Plays flawlessly (for the moment, judging from the second message).

Perhaps worthy of note: I had to make quite a few modifications to libmng
(header file inclusion mainly) in the source code, and post-installation
as well. Odd that the libmng code was in need of editing before it
would run.

Also, it could be useful to explicitly mention that gnutls is required
rather than openssl.

Exciting to have SSL working in mplayer after all this time... thanks!

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