[MPlayer-users] Audio sync issues with -udp-master/slave

F. A. Nnt fannt at web.de
Mon Feb 3 00:56:15 CET 2014

>> The udp-sync-feature is not meant to syncronize audio.

Okay, good to know. For anybody who will come here in the future with a
similar problem, I use 4 Raspberry Pis now, one as master without using
the audio output, and the three others as slaves. It seems that about
70% of the sync errors regard all of the slaves simultaneously, so I get
less time differences, but it's still not an optimal solution. For me
it's okay.

>> If audio samples are 10 *microseconds* early or late, that can make
>> a real noticeable difference.

In my case, even 100ms do not matter too much because it's like a talk
situation. They play human spoken sentences. They should just not talk
into each other's words when it does not fit into the context.
If it would be about a multi-room audio system, maybe 50ms would be
still alright. In my opinion, microseconds only matter if it's about a
multi-speaker system in one room.

Next time, I would use lower level electronics (arduino etc...) and
something like bare metal communication in ISM band since that fits more
to my task. It seems not too easy to do something like that on a
non-RTOS. I just don't have the ressources anymore to change the whole


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