[MPlayer-users] video scaling doesn't work

Grant emailgrant at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 21:38:01 CET 2014

>>> Well, someone got it working at some point with X11 and its omapfb
>>> XVideo implementation. So that definitely is possible without
>>> programming, it's just a matter of finding the "magic incantations"
>>> (aka where did they hide the magic combination of programs that worked
>>> on exactly one day).
>> I didn't realize that was ever working.  How do you know it used to work?
> Because I saw a patch that enabled scaling by someone who said it worked, and it was integrated.
> Thus the conclusion that for one person it must have worked once.

I see this but it's a kernel patch for 2.6 so I don't think I can put it to use:


>>>> so I can either prescale with mencoder/ffmpeg or try to get mplayer to
>>>> scale on the fly.  This works nicely except the video only appears in
>>>> the top 35% of the screen:
>>>> mplayer -vf scale=1360:-1 -fs file.mp4
>>> You'll want something like "-vf scale=1360:-2,expand=aspect=16/9"
>>> but the saying about lipstick and pig applies...
>> That scales it perfectly although performance isn't up to snuff as expected.
>>> Also I don't know what code you are using, but since this code in the
>>> comment right on top:
>>> http://cgit.openembedded.org/openembedded/plain/recipes/mplayer/files/vo_omapfb.c
>>> explicitly says that _downscaling_ doesn't work that should
>>> mean that upscaling certainly should work.
>>> (Note: there is some ancient code there, so that link is not meant as
>>> endorsement...)
>> I've been using the xf86-video-omapfb driver but I haven't tried -vo
>> omapfb.
> It would have saved some confusion if you had said that the first time I asked.

I apologize.

>> How can I get mplayer to consider that omapfb C file at
>> compile time?  Does it just need to be in a certain folder in the
>> source?
> There's also a diff that needs to be applied, and even then I have some doubts it will work.
> The code misses about 5 years of updates to libvo functionality..

I doubt the diff would even apply.  The only other thing I can think
of would be using mencoder to prescale every video I watch up to
1360x768.  Is there a simple command for highest quality there?

- Grant

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