[MPlayer-users] How to start playing files why they are still being recorded? How to stream?

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Wed Mar 5 10:13:51 CET 2014

Carl Eugen Hoyos <cehoyos <at> ag.or.at> writes:

> Christian Jaeger <chrjae <at> gmail.com> writes:
> > I now noticed that the packages was called mplayer2 
> > there. I now ran "apt-get install mplayer" there, which
> > removed the mplayer2 package, and my program is working
> > fine on his system, too, now.
> Please understand that the version you have installed 
> now is (intentionally) broken and contains many known 
> issues including security relevant ones.
> (Or in other words: The first version you tried did not 
> claim to be MPlayer, this one does but still isn't.)

This mail was apparently not well understood, so I will 
try to make my point 100% clear.

Three years ago, a group of MPlayer developers (who were 
also FFmpeg developers) have taken control over the 
MPlayer server, have removed the access for several 
people who have worked (for MPlayer) on the server 
and used this control for their try to steal the FFmpeg 
project. They did this without asking or even telling 
(the main part of) the MPlayer developers. (Or in other 
words: They are thieves.)
Since that time, those same people are spreading 
different lies on different mailing lists. Among them is 
the claim that MPlayer developers are breaking 
compilation with avconv (this project is the result of 
the failed attempt to steal FFmpeg) on purpose. To the 
best of my knowledge, it is true that compilation of 
MPlayer with avconv is broken on purpose, but this was 
not done in MPlayer but in avconv which regularly breaks 
API / ABI (and be it just to break MPlayer compilation).

Iiuc, a more current lie is that the several hundred 
user-reported bugs on trac.ffmpeg.org that are fixed in 
FFmpeg but still reproducible with avconv (and that of 
course to some degree also affect any MPlayer binary) 
do not exist. Further more, the security issues that 
are fixed in FFmpeg but reproducible with avconv seem 
to have vanished (sorry, I really don't understand how).

To repeat: Some security issues (that were not 
reproducible with FFmpeg at the time they were reported) 
that affected the so-called "MPlayer" in Debian were 
reported to us by the very Debian team that seems to 
believe that even completely (knowingly) unmaintained 
software is "better" than MPlayer and that MPlayer 
therefore has to be removed from Debian.

For more information please read the relevant Debian 
threads, don't forget that Reinhard is part of above 
group and that the security issue that was reported 
by the Debian security team to avconv took years (!) 
to be looked at.

Carl Eugen

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