[MPlayer-users] Problems with h.264 and lavf demuxer (paff/mbaff?)

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 11:23:01 CET 2014

Marco Munderloh wrote:
>> If I remove all NALUs at the beginning of the h264 elementary
>> stream until the SPS/PPS (offset 17756), the file is played from
>> the first IDR frame on error free with both demuxer!
> Same error-free behavior can be achieved by removing the TS packets
> until the second video PES header.
> So is it the philosophy of ffmpeg / lavf demuxer to be able to play
> mpeg TS error free, sync to the next PPS until playback, and
> consider this a bug or is it assumed to be a task of the user to
> provide TS streams in which the first video PES must necessarily
> start with an SSP/PPS/IDR? In the later case I would write a little
> tool that syncs the TS for me...

FWIW transport streams have random access flags at stream level which I
think some recorders use. I don't think they are good enough to
guarantee a "quiet start" with h264 and lavf, though.

I always prefer -demuxer lavf for ts as it gives better lipsync than

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