[MPlayer-users] Problems with h.264 and lavf demuxer (paff/mbaff?)

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Thu Mar 6 18:46:55 CET 2014

Marco Munderloh <munderl <at> tnt.uni-hannover.de> writes:

> >> You suggest to report this at the ffmpeg-devel mailing
> >> list?
> >
> > You should if you just wanted to report "mixed field and
> > whatever" but for the problem that you analyzed, a ticket
> > would be appropriate, a report on ffmpeg-devel not.
> Okay, I will file a ticket than. 

> But I would like to have a look in the sources first

Please don't!

Seriously: I agree with you that there is an issue, I 
believe it is not trivial to report (but that may be 
wrong), if you report it (which would be welcome!), 
please just report how to reproduce the problem (sample, 
command line, complete uncut console output) but please 
do not try to analyze the problem.

Don't misunderstand me: An analysis is of course 
welcome, but it must never replace the actual report, 
so if your time is limited (which I understand very 
well), then please just report the problem.

Is it reproducible with the video stream alone 
(mplayer -dumpvideo)? If yes, this may be a parser 

Carl Eugen

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