[MPlayer-users] mplayer starts with volume level set to 50%

Ann Once almailtmp at yahoo.fr
Fri Nov 21 21:39:45 CET 2014

Thanks for your answers.
@Reimar DöffingerAll is the same : the 2 versions are currently installed on my system.You are right : mplayer does not save the volume level.It seems (I am a end-user...) that it re-uses the mixer value. And it seems a correct behavior as mplayer changes the mixer volume : when I change the volume in mplayer gui I see alsamixer changing accordingly.

@Ingo BrücklI don't know the syntax to set evSetVolume but I have this line in the skin file :
hpotmeter = pos, 13, 10, NULL,  50, 50, 269, 70,  61, 10, evSetVolume
And by searching the syntax on the web I have found in the source code where to set the default value to 100%. So I have a solution !! :)
The problem maybe comes from the error messages that I saw by running in command line. Mplayer seems to work well but there are messages ONLY with gmplayer and not with mplayer :* at the beginning :MPlayer SVN-r37325-snapshot-4.5.2 (C) 2000-2014 MPlayer Team
G_FILENAME_ENCODING=@locale or G_BROKEN_FILENAMES isn't supported,
encoding must be explicitly specified in G_FILENAME_ENCODING.
* when the read starts :A:   0.0 (00.0) of 570.0 (09:30.0) ??,?% 99%                                                          
[ws] An X11 error has occurred!
[ws]  Error code: 10 - BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied)
[ws] An X11 error has occurred!
[ws]  Error code: 163 - BadShmSeg (invalid shared segment parameter)
A:   5.4 (05.4) of 570.0 (09:30.0)  1.9% 95% 

I have a solution if I set 100% in the source code. :) (not tested)I don't know if I have to search more as it is a snapshot version...

Thanks !

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