[MPlayer-users] Android MPlayer shows artifacts while playing H264 stream

Harshal Patel hpatel at signalogic.com
Thu Apr 9 01:31:43 CEST 2015


I am streaming H264 encoded video to Mplayer(Android version) on tablet.
My issue is that after starting MPlayer to play the stream, I can see 
video plays okay but approximately after 200-300 frames, Mplayer shows 
artifacts accumulating in lower 1/2 to 1/3 portion of the screen which 
clears up after 400-500 frames and repeats it again.
I tried other players like VLC and FFPlayer (Android versions) and they 
do not show any artifacts.

Can MPlayer developer/video experts give us some guess or idea what 
might cause such artifacts? And recommend possible solution ?

With MPlayer Linux version, I am able to play stream okay(with 
"benchmark" option enabled) and it does not show any artifacts.
Is there any way to turn ON the "benchmark" option in Android MPlayer? 
Since the benchmark option is explained as "ignoring frame duration", 
what cd my streaming source be doing that it should not, and how does 
the benchmark option compensate for this?

Thank you,
Harshal Patel
HPC Systems Engineer
Signalogic Inc.

** If you would like to see a screen cap of the artifacts, look here:


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