[MPlayer-users] How to create a "neutral sequence" at the beginning of a video track ?

André P. csosog at yahoo.fr
Fri Aug 7 14:16:03 CEST 2015

Is it possible to add a short "neutral sequence" (=short sequence of black -or white- stable image) at the begining or at the end of a video track with a command line program (ffmpeg, MEncoder, mkvtoolnix collection or other) ?
I am looking for the video equivalent of the "pad" parameter of the sox audio editor but would accept a more complex procedure. 

Notice that creating a "neutral sequence" with 
ffmpeg -i {original file} -t {some seconds} -vf "fade=t=in:st=600:d=0.5" {neutral sequence} 
is not a satisfactory solution because the {neutral sequence} may not be concatenated to the {original file} because the caracteristics (codec,...) of the created {neutral sequence} usually differ from those of the {original file}. André

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