[MPlayer-users] Playing (one large) WAV/MP3/... and a corresponding .cue-sheet?

houghi houghi at houghi.org
Wed Aug 12 11:43:47 CEST 2015

On 2015-08-12 11:22, Christian wrote:
> Using cvlc allows me to play an mp3/WAV "throught" the intermediate
> use of it's cue sheet, so I guess my question was valid.
> Would you happen to have a command line example for me how to use
> cdparanoia to rip to a bin/cue pair and play that pair with player,
> pease?

Just curious. Would it not be easier to either just re-rip the CD or use 
a sound editor to manually cut the soundfile?

I personally would go for the first option. Last time I ripped all my 
CDs (about 300 or so) it went pretty fast. About 5 minutes per CD if I 
can remeber correctly. Was on an older machine and included encoding to 
mp3. Those even can sometimes rename the songs correctly by connection 
to an online database.

There are different (free) rippers available for almost every OS.

If you want wav files, and run Linux, you could just mount the CD/ISO 
and copy the files. Even faster and if you have many CD's, a simple 
script that even icluded open and closing of the CD player should not be 
too hard.

Again: this is what I would do as it is so much easier. It does not take 
away the theoretical solution of what you ask. My _personal_ choice 
would be to re-rip the CD/ISO to whatever I want it to be and if I was 
not in possestion of the CD/ISO to do a manual clipping with a sound 

Kind regards,


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