[MPlayer-users] Playing (one large) WAV/MP3/... and a corresponding .cue-sheet?

Peter White peter.white at posteo.net
Thu Aug 13 14:43:25 CEST 2015

Reading through this thread I think I might add some ideas for an
alternative approach.

On 08/12/15 22:15, Christian wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 12, 2015 at 11:43 AM, houghi <houghi at houghi.org> wrote:
>> Just curious. Would it not be easier to either just re-rip the CD or use a
>> sound editor to manually cut the soundfile?
> Here's what I'm working on (and it might explain why I need to rip to
> one WAV file first):
> I'm building a CD player for my daughter using a RasPi and a slot-in USB CD-ROM.
> Once a CD is inserted I check the CD ID using cd-discid.

cd-discid also provides the number of tracks (2nd field) to populate a
playlist before the rip has even started.

> If the CD is new, ie. hasn't been ripped yet, rip it and play it back
> at the same time.

This is where that playlist would come into play, obviously.

> I start cdparanoia to rip to WAV file, wait until the WAV file is >5
> megs in size, then play it using player (obviously now without and
> forward-skip as we haven't ripped that part yet).

Just to be clear, when you say 'player' you mean mplayer?

Also, you can have cdparanoia rip to individual WAV files with -B. The
naming scheme is documented in the man page. With the information
gathered from cd-discid you should be able to create the playlist and
start playback when the first file hits your desired threshold size.

> Once the rip is
> down, encode it to mp3.

Encoding can start as soon as the first track will have been ripped.

> Once playing is done, delete the WAV. Eject
> the CD.

You can delete the file while it is playing already. The name will
disappear from the filesystem, but the inode will stay as long as
mplayer has it open.

There is only one problem I see with playing the ripped WAV file, be it
with your approach or any other. If cdparanoia takes longer to rip it
than the play time, due to defects and resulting error handling,
playback in mplayer will stop prematurely due to EOF at some point.
If you play it as cdda:// that should not happen, but exhibit skips or

On a side note, in another reply you said, that cvlc works with
.wav/.cue. Is there a specific reason not to use it then for your


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