[MPlayer-users] any success compiling with gcc-6 yet?

Arthur Marsh arthur.marsh at internode.on.net
Sun Dec 20 23:15:28 CET 2015

Arthur Marsh wrote on 21/12/15 07:20:

> OK, I received the reply:
> this bug report is useless without the full stacktrace, the command line
> options used, and the preprocessed source.
> How would I provide that for pngdec.c from an mplayer build?
> (e.g. options to ./configure, manual editing of makefile...?)

I added -v -save-temps to the start of the cc flags in config.mak and 
the source built fine, and I've sent the output from the build of 
pngdec.c and the pngdec.i file to the Debian bug tracker.

Funny how when one added the -v -save-temps that the source built fine.


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