[MPlayer-users] compiling mplayer: make error

Peter White peter.white at posteo.net
Wed Mar 25 21:10:58 CET 2015

Am 25.03.2015 um 20:49 schrieb Henry:
> OnIt builds, but now it cannot find libpng15.so.15
>>    how do I know if the library is missing because it is not there or
>>> because
>>> it is out os library_path?
>> cd /usr/lib
> find -type f -name libpng*
> Should list all your libpng files.

Wrong recipient. ;)

Anyway, what about /usr/local or any other lib path there might be?

> Apparently, you need to install the libpng library or libpng-dev library
> for your distribution.

If either libpng* or png.h hadn't been present at configure time,
mplayer would have been built without png support and the error message
of not finding libpng at runtime would not have appeared.

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