[MPlayer-users] issues when playing file with discontinuity

rslovers at yandex.com rslovers at yandex.com
Thu Aug 18 09:03:12 EEST 2016

the  problem  arises  when  i pipe twitch live stream to mplayer,
since i do not have a stable enough network connection, it's typ-
ical  to  lost  some  ts  segments, thus introduce discontinuity.
while the audio is unaffected and the gap  is  jumped  over,  the
video  just stalls as long as the duration of the gap, results in
severely out-of-sync AV.

while it's bearable to lost some segments once in a  while,  it's
really  annoying  when the timing is so out-of-sync. i downloaded
five continuous ts segments from twitch, four seconds each,  con-
catenated  the  first, third, and fifth one together and uploaded
the sample to https://www.datafilehost.com/d/Rfe74maJ4C.

btw, ffplay can play the file just fine, the gap is  jumped  over
for  both  audio and video. and you may need to use -demuxer lavf
since mplayer's native demuxer seems to detect the fps wrong.


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