[MPlayer-users] video does not scale to fullscreen with -vo xv

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger at gmx.de
Sun Mar 6 12:21:05 CET 2016

On Sun, Mar 06, 2016 at 11:01:56AM +0000, Andy Furniss wrote:
> Reimar Döffinger wrote:
> >>Showing output from playing something would confirm but I guess it's
> >>using x11 software output/scale/csc which is not as good as other
> >>hardware accelerated outputs like gl.
> >>
> >>If you are getting -vo x11 then adding -zoom will allow it to scale.
> >
> >Which will work not very well either.
> >If it is x11 vo then then also means XVideo is not working (or not
> >compiled in is an option, too).
> >Or if it is using xv, then it is broken.
> >Either way it seems very likely the primary answer is "fix your graphics
> >card drivers first".
> Yea, but if they turn out to be working/get fixed it's still intel, so
> at the risk of being undiplomatic here I would consider trying mpv as
> it should be able to use vaapi for h/w dec/post processing.

There are wrappers to use VA-API as VDPAU (libvdpau-va-gl1) and have
it working with MPlayer.
Though for the normal use-cases (and at least if power draw is not
a major concern) hardware acceleration is just an unnecessary pain.
It's often slower (limited to e.g. 60 FPS when the CPU can easily do
300, which has some impact on seek performance for example), has
really pathetic error concealment, lacks many of the encoder bug
workarounds needed especially for MPEG-4 ASP content etc.

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