[MPlayer-users] need help on running mplayer to watch tv

Andy Furniss adf.lists at gmail.com
Sun Aug 13 12:20:37 EEST 2017

Long Wind wrote:
> i can watch tv with xawtv
> now i want to use mplayer
> mplayer -tv driver=v4l2:width=640:height=480:input=1 -vo xv tv://
> command above is right, but there's no sound
> tv sound is connected to linein of sound card
> which options should i add??

Looking at > decade old mencoder notes it seems I once did

... driver=<other options>:amode=1:audiorate=48000:alsa:adevice=hw.0 ...

I don't know how pulse would mess this up (I still haven't used it).

you would also need to check hw.0 is the correct device for you and IIRC
mess about with alsamixer to unmute/set levels for line in.

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