[MPlayer-users] cropping 4:3 left and right to form 16:9

Stephen Mollett molletts at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 28 21:24:12 EEST 2017


On 28/09/17 09:34, Anthony Griffiths wrote:
> The netbook has a 16:9 screen set at res 1024 x 600 but the
> inbuilt webcam in the lid is a 4:3 cam, I think its native res
> is 640x480. ...
> I simply want to inflate the cam image so it loses the left and right
> black stripes.

If it is 640x480, have you tried adding '-vf crop=640:375' to the
command line? That should crop the video to the same aspect ratio as the
screen (slightly taller than 16:9).

Hope this helps,

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