[NUT-devel] Welcome...

Oded Shimon ods15 at ods15.dyndns.org
Sat Feb 11 20:41:41 CET 2006

hut... hut... is this thing on?
OK, mailing list is working :)

For all your anonymous enjoyment, you can get latest libnut and nututuils 
svn checkout svn://

Make sure to read README...

You'll also see all commits in this ml..

On to buisness... Spec:

1. Split index
The only big problem I see is deciding where to split it, and I doubt if 
even libnut will support this. It's also weird in regards to index_ptr. I 
vote against this... If it's local storage, you probably have a big damage 
chunk, not a single byte one...

2. Frame repetition
Well, is there anything to really do about this? I can't think of any way a 
flag would be useful to the demuxer or player, you can just repeat the 
frame as is, maybe let the codec layer deal with it.

3. convert_ts overflow
Uhhh... 120 years otta be enough for everybody.

4. make 'N' implicit in frame codes (as in, no need to explicit specify it 
is invalid)

Anything else? These are truely the last issues I'm aware of, as far as I'm 
concerned we can (finally) finalize spec... If anybody has anything, say it 

- ods15

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