[SPAM DETECT] Re: [MPlayer-users] How to change subtitles color

Pepe rvm3000 at ya.com
Fri Oct 27 00:47:50 CEST 2006

El Viernes, 27 de Octubre de 2006 00:09, Evgeniy Stepanov escribió:
> On Friday 27 October 2006 01:49, Pepe wrote:
> > > this is what i've noticed:
> > >  - when using normal txt subtitles (.sub,.srt) i can change color with
> > > -ass-color and -ass-border-color options
> > >  - when using .ssa subtitles, using -ass option makes mplayer reading
> > > the font properties from .ssa file, but it disregards -ass-color and
> > > -ass-border-color options; without -ass option, subtitles are white.
> > >
> > > so, if you want to have colored subtitles, either use .sub, .srt...
> > > with -ass -ass-color and -ass-border-color, or use .ssa subtitles with
> > > -ass and change the color in .ssa file.
> Right. SSA subtitles already have color information, so -ass-color is
> ignored for them. You can still change their color with this option:
> -ass-force-style PrimaryColour=HAABBGGRR
> > Works!
> >
> > But the font it uses is not the one I selected with -font, why?
> > There's this message in the output:
> > fontconfig: selected font family is not the requested one: 'Verdana' !=
> > 'Sans'
> When compiled with fontconfig support, SSA/ASS renderer can only select
> fonts via fontconfig. This means you can't specify exact font file, but
> have to use something like this:
> -fontconfig -font Arial
> If you need the exact font file, I suggest discovering its family with
> ftview, placing it in .mplayer/fonts directory, and using the
> aforementioned options. 

I don't have a ftview command.

Now I'm using:
mplayer video.avi -ass -ass-color ffff0000 -ass-border-color 00000000 
-ass-font-scale 1.2 -fontconfig -font Arial

I don't know if the arial font that uses is the same that I wanted (it doesn't 
look too similar), and I think the characters are wider than tall, no matter 
what font I use. But I've found other problems. When there are two lines 
like this:

- how are you?
- fine

They appear in one line: - how are you? - fine

And also it seems it doesn't respect the -subwidth option, text is too near 
from the border. Compare:



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