Appendix A. How to report bugs

A.1. Report security related bugs
A.2. How to fix bugs
A.3. How to do regression testing using Subversion
A.4. How to report bugs
A.5. Where to report bugs
A.6. What to report
A.6.1. System Information
A.6.2. Hardware and drivers
A.6.3. Configure problems
A.6.4. Compilation problems
A.6.5. Playback problems
A.6.6. Crashes
A.6.6.1. How to conserve information about a reproducible crash
A.6.6.2. How to extract meaningful information from a core dump
A.7. I know what I am doing...

Good bug reports are a very valuable contribution to the development of any software project. But just like writing good software, good problem reports involve some work. Please realize that most developers are extremely busy and receive obscene amounts of email. So while your feedback is crucial in improving MPlayer and very much appreciated, please understand that you have to provide all of the information we request and follow the instructions in this document closely.